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#1: Download and install python for your platform
The software that runs on your computer is written in a language called python and must be run by another program called an interpreter. There is a version of the python interpreter for most operating systems. This software is designed to work with the 2.6 series of the python interpreter (though other versions may work as well.) You will also need a python library called PIL that is used by the MyMedia server to re-size your photos before sending them to your box.
Linux Users: You probably already have python installed. It's pretty standard. Type python and if it starts up press Ctrl+D to quit. You probably will need to install PIL. Debian and Ubuntu users can do this by typing:
sudo aptitude install python-imaging
Windows Users: Go to the python 2.6 release page and download and run the 32 bit Windows installer. Accept all of the defaults. You'll want to pick the 32 bit installer even if you're running 64 bit windows because there isn't an official version of PIL for 64 bit windows. After python is installed, download and install PIL.
Mac Users: You already have the right version of python but you still need to install PIL. Download and install the base image conversion libraries. Select the combo installer. Next install PIL by opening the Terminal and typing:
sudo easy_install --find-links Imaging
Use the same password that you normally use for OS X software installs. It may look like nothing is happening for a couple of seconds so be patient. When the installation completes you should see text on the terminal saying that jpeg support is available. You can now close the terminal window.
#2: Download and unzip the Server Software
#3: Start the server
Linux Users:
	    cd (installation)/server
Windows Users: Double click on mymedia.bat in the installation directory.
Mac Users: Ctrl+Click on in the (installation)/server directory and select Open With -> Python Launcher.
#4: Configure Your Server
Click on the link above to reach your server's configuration page. This is where you tell MyMedia where to find your music, videos, and photos.
Please verify that your server's IP address was auto-detected correctly. Some computers with more than one network card may not have their IP address auto-detected correctly.
#5: Enjoy!
If you need help with anything related to setting up this software or if you just want to celebrate your success then drop by the MyMedia Forum.
If you are a developer or an artist and are interested in contributing to this open source project, check out our Github project page and the developer's mailing list.